Solarize Oklahoma City

Request for Proposal

Published: March 15, 2022 

Bids Due: April 15, 2022 by 5pm CST

Solarize Oklahoma City invites proposals from contractors specializing in the design and installation of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems (“Contractor”) to participate in a Solarize campaign for the city of Oklahoma City, OK (“Project Area”). 

Pre-Bid Meeting

The following resources are available if you were unable to attend the March 29th pre-bid meeting:


Solarize Oklahoma City ("Solarize OKC") is a public-private coalition consisting of the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council (OREC), Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, City of Oklahoma City’s Office of Sustainability, Oklahoma Solar Association, Oklahoma Sustainability Network, Oklahoma Compost and Sustainability Association, Fertile Ground Cooperative, OKC Beautiful, RestoreOKC, Solar Crowdsource, and additional community leadership.

The objectives of the Solarize OKC program are to:

  • Lower the cost of solar energy and battery storage installations through the power of bulk-purchasing and reduced Contractor acquisition costs and to transfer those savings to the residential and commercial residents of Oklahoma City; 
  • Educate consumers and cultivate a sense of community participation and ownership in the clean energy market; 
  • Substantially increase the number of solar energy systems and battery storage installations in a way that can be sustained beyond the timeframe of the Solarize OKC campaign; 
  • Reduce the energy burden of vulnerable residents in Oklahoma City through additional measures available to low and moderate income families to reduce upfront cost;
  • Advance and encourage renewable energy workforce development opportunities; and
  • Support the goals and initiatives of the City of Oklahoma City's adopted adaptokc plan including those that advance energy productivity and air quality.

Request for Proposal Documents

Download RFP Documents Here

Contact Solarize OKC at the email address below only for any questions about this RFP (do not contact members of coalition organizations).  All questions and answers will be posted below.

RFP Questions & Answers

Q: Can you clarify how financing costs should be factored into the price per watt. We have different financing providers that impact the cost to the customer differently but also are not able to lock in a specific rate or financing cost. 

 A: Thank you for your question. The financing costs should not be factored into the price per watt for the same reasons you mentioned. Therefore, for the price per watt tiered pricing schedule, we are looking for the cash price per watt amount only. 


  Q: Is there any further guidance on format spacing page length etc. for the RFP?

 A: While no specific formatting is required, bids are typically single spaced and around 10-15 pages, not including attachments and exhibits.