Solarize Kansas City

Request for Proposal

Published: March 30, 2022 

Bids Due: April 30, 2022 by 5pm CST

Solarize Kansas City invites proposals from contractors specializing in the design and installation of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems (“Contractor”) to participate in a Solarize campaign for the city of Kansas City (“Project Area”). 

Pre-Bid Meeting

Organizers of the campaign held a virtual pre-bid meeting on April 12, 2022.  Please find the following pre-bid meeting resources: 

Pre-Bid Meeting Presentation

Pre-Bid Meeting Video



Solarize Kansas City ("Solarize KC") is a public-private coalition consisting of the City of Kansas City, MO, Kansas City Public Library, Metropolitan Energy Center, USGBC – Central Plains, Sierra Club Missouri Chapter, Center for Neighborhoods, Climate + Energy Project, Greenwood Consulting Group, MY REGION WINS!, Solar Crowdsource , and additional community leadership.

The objectives of the Solarize KC program are to:

  • Lower the cost of solar energy and battery storage installations through the power of bulk-purchasing, reduce Contractor acquisition costs and transfer those savings to the residential and commercial residents of Kansas City and adjacent communities;
  • Encourage the adoption of solar-friendly permitting practices in Kansas City and adjacent communities;
  • Educate consumers and cultivate a sense of community participation and ownership in the clean energy market;
  • Substantially increase the number of solar energy systems and battery storage installations in a way that can be sustained beyond the timeframe of the Solarize Kansas City campaign;
  • Reduce the energy burden of vulnerable residents in Kansas City and adjacent communities through additional measures available to low- and moderate-income families to reduce upfront cost; and
  • Advance and encourage renewable energy workforce development opportunities.

Request for Proposal Documents

Download RFP Documents Here

Attachments A-D in Editable Format

Contact Solarize Kansas City at the email address below only for any questions about this RFP (do not contact members of coalition organizations).  All questions and answers will be posted below.


RFP Questions & Answers

Q: I'm reading through the RFP document and in Section L: Solarize Kansas City will include a program to subsidize the cost of solar energy and help reduce the energy burden for low-income and moderate income (LMI) residents.   

Can you please provide more specifics about this subsidy?  How much is it?  How is it administered?  How do people qualify?

A: This portion of the program is currently being developed by the Solarize Kansas City coalition partners. More details will be revealed when they become available. The selected contractor(s) will not be responsible for subsidizing the cost, qualifying participants,  or administering program. 


Q: Many of our solar lenders have fees associated with their products and those will vary greatly depending on credit, etc. Shall we list the lenders available and address that on an individual basis with each customer?

A: Yes, a list of lenders your company will offer will suffice for the purposes of the RFP. Product details including dealer fees, interest rates, and terms are not at this time.


Q: Can you please provide  the attachments in a form that we can type in our information?

A: Solarize Kansas City RFP Attachments A-D

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