Solarize Forsyth
Ambassadors Program

The Solarize Forsyth Ambassadors program provides you with an opportunity to lead discussion on solar energy and make a positive impact. 

This program seeks to enroll students and citizens as ambassadors for the Solarize Forsyth Campaign. This means that students can sign up to help us raise awareness and buzz about our community building rooftop solar capacity. Students will gain awareness about solar energy and the benefits this can provide to homeowners and businesses as well as the ability to earn community service hours. Students can also participate in this clean energy movement and start to build a resume of actions for a better planet.


  • Have an active interest in making our community a better place to live
  • Have an interest in climate or energy
  • Be willing to present to family and friends about solar energy
  • Optional: Be a member of a school civic, service, or environmental club where community service hours are needed

To earn the designation of “Ambassador” you will need to practice presenting the key points of the Solarize approach to helping people install solar - and then give at least 1 presentation. Once this is complete you can receive a certificate and community service hours.

Since Roof Top solar is one of the top 20 solutions that are emphasized in the Georgia Drawdown model, it makes good sense. We have an opportunity to help get more people participating in this area.

Sign Up for Ambassadors Program Here

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