What is Neighbor to Neighbor Solar

N2N Income ChartNeighbor to Neighbor Solar is one part of the greater Solarize Asheville-Buncombe campaign! All Solarize Asheville-Buncombe customers will receive discounted rates through our group purchasing program but there are also limited funds available to make solar even more affordable for income-qualified households.

No-cost or reduced solar cost solar is available for households making less than the Area Median Income. Follow the simple steps below to participate in the Neighbor to Neighbor Solar Program:

  1. Compare your 2020 household size and income to the chart to see if you might qualify for the Neighbor to Neighbor Solar program.
  2. Fill out the "Do I Qualify" form on this page.
A representative from the campaign will contact you to go over your eligibility and determine if funds are currently available to further reduce your costs.



Do I Qualify for the Neighbor to Neighbor Solar Program?


Want to Help Make Solar Available to More of Your Neighbors?

greenbuilt_alliance@2x-1We currently have a limited amount of funds available for the Neighbor to Neighbor Solar initiative. As more funds become available we will be able to serve more households. Make a tax-deductible donation to Green Built Alliance, one of the organizers of the Solarize Asheville-Buncombe campaign. Your donation will go directly towards funding solar installations for more Buncombe county residents!

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